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CD Freaks receives a lot of news submits everyday and many of them are non optical storage related news items. As we are an optical storage news site we do not post them, but they might be of intrest to other visitors.

In this forum we encourage everyone to discuss news from around the internet and/or world. Some basic rules for this forum are:

[li] Check our news page if your news has not been posted on our news page, you can discuss it there as well with your same account
[/li][li] Please use our news submit for optical storage related news
[/li][li] Please don’t post news that could easily end up in hot heated politcial discussions. Respect everyone’s opinion and if you disagree then do this in a respectfull manner.
[/li][li] If you post news then include a link to the original source.

Hi just dropping in to what the fuss is about. N[COLOR=SandyBrown]i[COLOR=RoyalBlue]ce [/COLOR]forum[/COLOR].:clap:

Hi all, I am new to this wery good form. Locking forward to be a member…