Welcome to the new CD Freaks home

I just posted the article Welcome to the new CD Freaks home.

When you are reading this through our homepage then you’ve most likely seen a huge change in the layout of our website, we’ve been planning to change many layout features of our website the last few…

Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/13951-Welcome-to-the-new-CD-Freaks-home.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/13951-Welcome-to-the-new-CD-Freaks-home.html)

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Cool Man !! :X


“Unfortunately we are not able to switch to a relative size, so you can resize it in your browser so you’ll have to bear with our fixed width.” And you’re a tech site? Yeesh…

Very good and beautiful. Congratulations!

More excellent visual improvements to the site, I love the new layout. Great work!

might want to fix the spelling error. “trough” doesn’t look very good on the homepage. “through” would be nicer.

Looks like CDRinfo now … lol.

Anyway to lock-in… Show More Headlines Also when will you take advantage of WideScreens! JohnnyJT :X South Philly

I liked cd freaks a lot better 2 versions ago. (The one before this one and the last one.) I’ve noticed myself coming here less and less and seeing the new page I think I will be visiting even more rarely. 2 versions ago everything was nicely displayed without 5 billion other things going on. There also seemed to be decent news then.

I Agree with Ordanos. :frowning:

christ man 455,000 views and you still have the same stupid spelling mistake on the home page in this article. doesn’t anyone have an IQ over 50??? “trough” is not acceptable, the word is “through”.

@aedipuss How good is your Dutch because that is what Jan’s first language is.

10 hours ago i let him know about the error. 450,000 people have viewed it since!!! i don’t speak dutch at all, but how many people are reading it in dutch. it is in english on the home page of cdfreaks i see.

LOL Maybe he is in bed :slight_smile:

I’ve fixed it now aedipuss :slight_smile:

What a load of crap this site is getting worse every change

With comments on how bad it is we can’t work, so if you can add reasons and what we could do to improve it, then it would be much more helpful…

Well you could switch back to the version from 2 versions ago. :wink: I think it was the one with the orange links, but it’s been a long time. Also, the news back then seemed a lot more interesting. I used to have something to click on once a day or every other day. Now it seems like there is nothing. It’s hard to say exactly what is missing since it has been so long.

@ DoMiN8ToR I have to agree with a few of the other posts. 1) The site looks worse now than two versions ago, however this version is better than the last. 2) The news isn’t so hot anymore (maybe I should contribute), so people aren’t visiting as often. 3) There’s too much going on around here. I feel like I’m in Vegas. Can we not tone down some of the ads?