Welcome to the new and improved CD Freaks.com - The burning experience

I just posted the article Welcome to the new and improved CD Freaks.com - The burning experience.

 We have  been working on this for a couple of months now and finally it's ready: version  5 of the CD Freaks layout. CD Freaks is now about 6 years old and many times we  have changed our layout...
Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/5601-Welcome-to-the-new-and-improved-CD-Freaks_com---The-burning-experience.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/5601-Welcome-to-the-new-and-improved-CD-Freaks_com---The-burning-experience.html)

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Congratulations on the new wonderfull coded and designed website. Keep up the good work guys!!!

Extraordinary cool! This is the first time I’ve posted on the mainpage… :slight_smile:

looks cool! … i know it’s a stupid comment, but i believe this is one of those occasions when you just HAVE to say something and be able to say “i was there” to your sons :4

Hehe, I feel to proud right now. Our baby has been born and what a beautiful child it is :wink:

its nice only its looks a little blockyto me. And to xp happy colors
[edited by RDJ on 25.03.2003 20:32]

For a site that wants to be professional, it looks too BABY blue for me…
[edited by DynAMikE on 25.03.2003 20:33]

Guys, The site looks great and easy on the eyes. keep up the good work. :g:)

wow. congratulations on a great looking website. heard about the new project, but had no idea it was going to look like this. great job. :4

Where is the ‘bow down’ emoticon! New, shiny, mmmm.:9

:4 Good work guys , looks cool and quiet refreshing.

You guys rock. For once, even you Domi, or is it Jan Willen now? :g

wow…nice :4:4

w00t! This layout looks good! :8

Looks very very good.

As of right now I cannot login using Mozilla 1.3 final. What’s the prob?

Top job, guys ! The new look’s just magnificent ! I’m really really proud of you, guys, and honored to be a small part of the fabulous Freaks !!!

Nevermind. A proper refresh fixed it. Although I find the drop down menus annoying as they won’t go away once you try to click anywhere else (Tried in both IE and Mozilla) thus they obscure the webpage. I always hated these Java driven webpages. Looks nice otherwise. Why not try some other methods like PHP etc?

Yep, it looks really well. Congratulations on making the site look much, much better and modern. You can now sit back and be glad all the hard work, time and effort has paid off. A job well done methinks :g

Just to add more detail to the menu problem. If you move your mouse over the menu item it drops down. Fine. If you move your mouse downwards and past the dropped down menu item it goes away. However. If you move your mouse of the dropped down menu to either side the dropped down menu remains there and does not go away even if you click somewhere else on the page. The only way to make it go away is to move the move over the dropped down menu and move the mouse down past the bottom of it. Confirmed as a bug using both IE and Mozilla.