Welcome To Peervh

I would like everyone in the forum to welcome " Peervh ". He has been a Slysoft Team member here for awhile. He now is recognized and has the " Custom User title of " Slysoft Representative " I hope you will all treat him with the same respect you give all the Team members that are here helping us and answering our questions. Thanks for all their great support.:clap:

Welcome to the forum, Peervh! It’s nice having representatives from our favorite company here. If anyone gives you a hard time, Alan will take care of them for you. :smiley:

Welcome to the forum, Peervh! :slight_smile:

A warm welcome, Peervh - nice to meet yet another member of the SlySoft family :flower:

welcome Peervh, i like your new user title :wink:


Welcome to CDF’s Peervh.


Awesome software and support. :bow: :bow:

A warm welcome to the CD Freaks Forum, Peervh.

I am quite sure that you and your other SlySoft colleagues will be a positive asset to all SlySoft customers who visit the CD Freaks Forum seeking assistance with their SlySoft software programs.


Welcome Peervh.

Always glad to see another “EXPERT” on board to fix our problems. Years ago when the IBM computers first came out (pre-windows), I was known as the “Computer Geek” at work, simply because computers didn’t scare me. But I have really let my knowledge of computers lag behind. I’m just glad there are other “Geeks” who are taking up the slack for the rest of us. Thanks again.