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Wandering around like a lost soul…hope that I soon feel solid ground on this unexplored territory…:sweat:


I Know what you mean roadworker

I Hope everyone does soon


It appears that a large percentage of the attachments to old posts have not been imported to the new site. Is that something that is still in progress, or are those attachments “lost”?


@jadburner, no, they should be still importing. I’ve asked for a status update, but haven’t received one so far. All images have been backuped as well, so nothing should be lost. Last time the attachment import was at 1 per second with about 400,000 to go.

It’s good to keep asking once in awhile, so we can check whether something is going wrong with the import. So please remind me once in a while until all attachments are back! We have to make sure all you hard work wasn’t for nothing!


Thanks for the update, Domi.


I just got word that attachments are currently at 60% which means 40% is still missing. It goes very, very slow! :sleeping::astonished:


I like the new forum. It’s fast. I can set it to my language. I have to tinker with the settings whenever i got the time.

But thanks guys! You made a great forum! :bowdown:



Uncompromisingly open source.
Well, that sounds glamorous.


There is only one version of Discourse – the awesome open source version!

:rofl: This made my day!.


Please excuse me if that was already discussed in another thread (I’m fairly new to the forum), but it seems that there are still many attachments missing, are they gone “forever” or hopefully it’s a stalled work in progress?


Good question and thanks for reporting! I think the import of attachments has finished some time already. Could you provide me with an URL or URLs where the attachment(s) is/are missing?

Just to be sure, images might be missing because they were hosted on a 3rd party server instead of being posted as an attachment, that’s unfortunately beyond our control.

However, if indeed attachments are missing, then I can try to ask our web hosting company to double check whether the attachment import properly finished!