Welcome to Discourse


When you read this, you’ve arrived on our new forum software. It’s called Discourse and you can see here what it can do for you:

It will take some time to get acquainted with the software there are many options, but all there to make life easier.

The site is now also better to read on mobile and we’ll add HTTPS support later this afternoon.

For now there is no chat, I will make a topic where chatting is allowed!

As always, don’t hesitate to share your feedback.The forums is yours and we’re happy to accommodate any wishes that are technically feasible and make sense!


Thanks Discourse, we’ll be sure to let you and your programmers know our findings :laughing:
At current there’s not much to report though apart from general confusion which I think is better left alone until it disappears all by itself :wink:


Shame it’s stricter on usernames… it killed mine :frowning:


@LIGHTNING_UK1 Which username do you want/did you have (sorry can’t remember :frowning: )? It’s possible we’ve a limit set on the length of the username, but there is no reason we can set that limit higher!


It used to be ‘LIGHTNING UK!’… but I don’t think it allows spaces or exclamation marks, hence why I’ve become ‘LIGHTNING_UK1’. :frowning:


@LIGHTNING_UK1 I already wondered what else you had behind your nick, but it was just the exclamation mark :wink: I’ve just checked the settings and there isn’t a setting where we can allow those kind of characters indeed. Sorry :frowning:

These are the kind of things we never thought of when testing or considering the move.


Would you mind changing it to get rid of the trailing 1 for me please? I can live with the underscore. :slight_smile:

I miss being able to use Tapatalk too. :frowning:

It was so easy just opening one app and having a quick and consistent interface for all the forums I visit.

Being a user of it myself, I could never swap my forum software to anything that didn’t support it. Luckily, invisionboard is still actively developed and I don’t need to.


I think you have a point here, for people attending umpteen forums, having them all in one place makes sense. Hence, having support for major players in the field like Tapatalk makes sense too.

As a personal sidenote, you are Lightning UK as far as I know you and so that makes a lot of sense as well :bigsmile:


There already was a lightning_uk user without the 1. But looking at the posts this seemed to be a old user of yourself, so renamed it to @lightning_uk_old and removed the trailing 1 from your main account. On vBulletin I would have merged them, but not sure if that’s possible with Discourse.


Thank you Liggy, much appreciated. :+1:

Not sure why I ended up making a 2nd account rather than going for a name change (assuming that was my reasoning behind it). Oh well :slight_smile: So that means I’ve been here for around 17 years now (rather than 15) if that account joined in 2000 and this one joined in 2002. Damn I’m old :stuck_out_tongue:


Welcome to the old people club :bigsmile:


You have to be sure your old before you can join the club. :grin:


Ahh But age is arbitrary. I am 73 now but my beast friend is 85. he thinks that I am young, course my grand kids think that I am ancient.


For what it’s worth, despite my initial issues logging in, I’m starting to like this new forum software I usually don’t like change that much, but even I was starting to admit the forum was looking and feeling rather dated compared to the front page.

However, there is one issue I’m currently having. I can’t use my user name to log in. However, if I use my email address instead, logging in works fine. In other words, logging in as TSJnachos117=bad, logging in as JohnSmith@example.com=good.


Was that an Avatar quote?


This may be a useful tip I just encountered - If you read a sticky, it automatically unpins from the top of the threads listing. Similarly, you can click the ‘Pin’ icon next to each sticky to unpin it. At first I was wondering what happened to some of the pinned topics that I viewed earlier, but after checking in a logged out view, they were still there but just unpinned for my account.

Before (Living room):

After: :wink:

This is worth doing for each forum if you view the forum on your mobile as it will then show the latest three topics for each category rather than the pinned threads.


^I ran into this earlier, trying to remove replies that must have been soft deleted from a sticky in the Newbies in the old forum. I thought I had zapped the sticky, cause it disappeared. I recreated it, then logged out and saw two of them!

I have since turned off this feature for my account. Handy it might be for mobile. Not so much for mods.


I second this Tapatalk loss aspect of the upgrade.


Just logging in here after a bit of an hiatus. It appears that when the changeover to Discourse happened, all my attached screenshots in this thread (from Dec 2016) disappeared:

The post history says that on Feb 15th (presumably, when the changeover happened) all those posts were edited (by me) to remove the references to the attachments. This does not appear to be the case in my other threads, so I’m not sure what happened here. If possible, I’d like those screenshots restored.

Discourse also automatically uses my Gravatar by default. I had to change this manually. You should consider not setting this to be the forum default and not nagging users to put up an avatar at all.


I have to ask about the attachments, this shouldn’t happen at all!