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I don’t care for this theme, it most certainly doesn’t make the site more intuitive or easy to use. Go back to the old, or offer cdfreaks classic as an option please.


Like many I come mainly for the news, which appears lost in the busy main page. I much preferred the layout of the old site for news, give me the headline and let me choose to read or not. I’m sure the annoyance of the new interface will diminish once I get used to it. But as of right now - I’d rather have the old familiar CDFreaks back. The colours are a little oud for my taste but I’ll get used to them.


It was a little hard to see with all the colors but my eyes are starting to adapt to the layout. :B


Congrats on the launch of CDFreaks v2! :S


at times slower than swimming thru a pool of molasses


wow this new layout is sweet, nice one cdfreaks.


Me likey, but Gold/mustard is not my fave - hm, ok. I like to call up cdfreaks and start reading news topics… now it looks clean & more organized but I have to click more often to get to what I want to see. I wish more of the old style which also was part of cdfreaks identitiy survived :o Page lost a bit of its face. And the logo is a bit… boring Anyway… a homogen, good looking page


I hate to say this, but I think that visitors to this site are already declining. People aren’t even commenting anymore on new articles. A sad era has begun for CDFreaks.com. :c


The site isnt THAT bad… Its gonna grow on you a little, give it some time… Change is good occassionally…


I don’t like the new site.


Hrm, it looks like I’m not the only one feeling like not stopping by anymore. I used to pop in a couple times a day to read news posts and make comments… but now I can see much MUCH less news being posted, and a lot less comments being made by others. The sluggish loading times of the site are quite the drawback also. I guess I’ll probably stop by every couple days now instead… since it’s boring to just read one or two news posts a day, especially with no real commentary.


SUPER!! Very good. Thx :slight_smile:


Dolphinius_Rex - You hit the nail on the head, brother. Here are the problems, as I see it: 1) The new colour scheme blows chunks. 2) Nobody is posting new articles. 3) You can’t edit your own posts if you make a mistake. 4) You can’t post reactions to a particlar comment. It just goes to the end of the list. 5) Slow load times. I used to come here twice a day. Now, not so much. :r


I don’t like it at all. It seems the main idea driving the redesign was looks, not function. The main purpose of the site should be to convey information. There is now less of it on the main page and it’s harder to access what is there. At least the forums haven’t been wrecked. My bookmark for the site is currently for the main page, but I’m probably going to change it to the forums instead.


No, I don’t like it either :o Is there a link to the old site ? :B


ok… here’s my second reaction after 2 days… 1. I STILL CAN’T LOVE THE SITE!!! 2. u might think of making a wise use of CSS, if u insist on keeping this new sucky theme (sorry… but it hurts :c )… u can make more than one theme available to be chosen per-user… that’s how we might get that classic CDFreaks back :frowning: 3. just as DirtyRobotFeet has said 2 post above… the redesign shuold be more concerned about the information rather than the looks… cus the looks are really… NOT GOOD :frowning: 4. the old logo is better be back… this new one is more of a “Microsoft Help System” logo… NOT CDFreaky :frowning: 5. AGAIN, the main page better gets back to be the News page… as we can always access other artticles and reviews from News as we used to do before :frowning: 6. what are u doing with the ads!!! what’s with “WINNER” FUCKIN flashing ad!!! u’ve never used such kind of ads!!! cmon!!! ur only LOSING US :(!!! :c :c


wow. :slight_smile:


Site looks and runs fantastic! I always hated how the old pages had that terrible dropdown menu that only worked if you moved your mouse a certain way. Also when logging in and replying it would mess up in Seamonkey BIGTIME! Now it all works and I can login and comment without messing around. Well done!


Luv your site, but where is your help page? My activation code didnot come to my email. Thank You Sundance1550 :wink: