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Update, there is only 1 listing on the Pricewatch link on this page.


I am not sure I like new design , looks too … colorful :slight_smile: Really too much different colors, also relatively to long to load first page, otherwise all seems OK.


Update, there is only 1 listing on the Pricewatch link on this page.


BUG I am seeing duplicate posts from myself, with totaly different timestamps, that I did not repost.


Wow, what a change. I would have to agree with some others in that this site looks too bright and colourful (yes, I spell it with a ‘u’!). It looks a little too girly. :stuck_out_tongue: I guess this is the overall trend of web sites, so it’s not so unusual IMO. There’s a few areas with white text on a yellow background, which is a definite no-no for most people’s eyes. I look forward to reading more MPAA/RIAA bashing in this new format! Congratulations, fellas.


I love the new site. Awesome stuff!


Not for me either, its a bit ToysRus and lets follow the sheep and show system icons because it looks cool and a bit like an OS. That said i am sure my opinion counts for 100% nothing and it will grow on me.


I like the new Web Site but it still does not fill my wide screen lcd JohnnyJT South Philly :X


is the deals section gone? :c


First be sure to be a registered member (Important!) with all requested information filled in correctly, this will be checked before we send out the prices, and we will use this information for sending them. If the information is incorrect, we can’t send you a price!
are you sure you mean price and not prize? … would be interesting to think we’re winning a price!


Well its ok. Glad I have my ad blocker on. I notice your using google-analytics . Would rather be anonymous. :X


ok ppl… 1st… i don’t like changes… infact… i H.A.T.E. changes… you know why… cus it always ruins something that’s been running smooth for YEARS!!! BUT!!! that doesn’t mean i wasn’t astonished by the great work :B :B :B :B once i opened the new CDFreaks page… i was like… HAPPY!!! like a little kid with abig big big cone of colourful icecream!!! so… CONGRATULATIONS :B :B :B :B eventhough… i have to add something too… 1st. PLEEEEEEEEEASE!!! this is NOT a Barby website!!! i am an Artist/Graphic Designer… but, even a Bushman can tell that these colours HURT!!! i’ve already left some sites for no return upon the change of layouts… just don’t do as Bolt2.com have done, over 60% of the users have left Bolt’s Community cus of the loud, slow,flashy, Ad-filled new layout!!! and cus the new site was (and still is) full of bugs!!! so please, use some “wiser” colours, u can use one colour for links, and one colour for open tabs. 2nd. what’s the matter with these Ad’s!!! Tribal Fusion Pop-ups, these crazy eye-killer-earth-quakey ads on the site header!!! again!!! just a reminder, this is NOT a Wallpapers site!! and not in anyway related to “Ninja Turtles”!!! 3rd. if ur going to do the same to the forums… then pleases don’t do… it would be so hard on me to have to leave this place and try to live with CDRLabs -No offence-… but many of us are still using these lousy 28k dial-ups!!! and last… i know u’ve been working on the new design for 18months… but… working more won’t hurt as much as having users dumping the site would do… CDFreaks have been my 1st and ONLY source of information since 2004… and we have here many ppl who’ve been on since '99 and before… remember that what matters most on this site is “DATA”… Information, and the knowledge stored in the pages of this site, and once u make the process of reaching what we care for on this site harder… ur just sacrificing the real reason for the creation of this site!!! so please!!! less colours, less flashy and shiney things… i think that the Freaks here won’t even mind using a WIN 3.1, or Win95 Designed layout for this site with only 16 colours, as long as you have the same amount of knowledge and experience available for all in the easiest and best accessible ways… i hope that you keep up on updating the layout, i know ur doing ur best… thanks for all the effort… but ur still a few step far from perfection :wink: :wink: :wink: :B


I love it!! :g


The first impression is good except for the pop ups and expecially for the colors that are annoying. Keep on the good work and please try to find asap a combination of colors, at last for the news, that is more relaxing for our eyes or I’ll have to watch the new CD Freaks with sunglass!!! :X


No Sir. I don’t like it. The old version has a certain elegant simplicity that the new one lacks. I access CD Freaks primarily for the news. In the new version, news plays only a minor part on a page where the reader is assaulted by a collage of colors, advertisements, pictures, logos, and still more ads. In particular, I am very disappointed by the appearance of a Google Ad for “DVDShrink 2007” which is well known as a ripoff of the original DVDShrink author’s work (who has always said “You should NEVER pay for DVD Shrink!”). The presence of that ad alone speaks volumes about the “new” CD Freaks. RIP


I’ll be honest, first thing i did was to find where to change the skin, and to my surprise, i didn’t find it. Damn it’s flashy, oldskul worked better for me, and it was simpler, and what is more important information was at hand, or you knew where to look for it. All the hard work is appreciated, and you have to have money from sponsors, but i really don’t like the new design, it follows the trends of vistavisation of the Internet, cool colors and icons, all at the expense of content. I hope that that would not be the case here.


I love it!! :g


Frankly, don’t like it. Don’t know yet how easy it will be to navigate. However: 1. Too colourful. Reduce on the colours, please. Especially reduce or get rid of all this gold. Quite hard on the eye. 2. Instead of being easier to look and find things on the initial page, it looks like everything is now harder to find. 3. “News” should be the prominent item (for me it is, by far the most important) as it was on the older layout. Now the “News” seem to be lost among a lot of “noise”. 4. GOLD. Did I say for you to get rid of all this Gold? :r Any change of having the old skin still available?


I do not like it either. Everything is squished into the center. Afraid to turn my ad blocker off to see what all the white space is on the sides. Almost as bad as the new techdeals.net.


On the plus side, I like the Modern theme. What I miss is the simplicity of the old way and that the older way presented more information in a more concise manner. In the final analysis, because my time is having more and more demands placed on it. I greatly prefer simplicity and efficiency.