Welcome new moderator Jamos!



Jamos has joined the ranks of the moderators here at cdfreaks!
Welcome Jamos!


Congratulations, Jamos! :smiley: And welcome to the team!


Indeed, welcome aboard mate :slight_smile:


Yum, fresh meat. :iagree: :rolleyes:


Hi Ho Jamos and welcome to the land of mod.


Best of luck Jamos :slight_smile:



Thanks all and now for my first act as a moderator I will now BAN RDGrimes! :stuck_out_tongue:

hehe j/k thanks for the welcome…


Heh,congrats Jamos. Use your powers for good,not evil :stuck_out_tongue:


Also thx for solving problmes for us~~ :slight_smile:


So my father Darth Grimes is not a good role model?


But I thought Darth Maul was your dad…?


I’ll look forward seeing more of you here now. :slight_smile:


Darth Grimes??
RD it looks like it’s time for YOU to get a new avatar. :bigsmile: :bigsmile:


you could never have the dark powers the RDG has… :stuck_out_tongue:


As the saying goes : “…the wise man learns from other’s mistakes
Pls keep it in mind, 'coz the easiest part is over for you, best of luck with the rest. :wink: