Welcome in the new millenium



I'm happy to see you back online.
We have been waiting since ages!

I wish you all the best for the new year and I hope it will be at least as good as the last.

C U all!


Happy New Year…


I wish you all the best too!
Especially the CD-Freaks team…
Good luck, and keep your site UP!!

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New millennium ??? Why the new millenium start in 2001 !!!.

So happy new year


Well Prutser you really are one.
The new Millenium starts in 2000!
The next Century is only in 2001!
Just for the record


Prutser is right. The counting started in the year 1. First millennium: 1-1000, second mill.: 1001-2000, third starts in 2001. Why would it work differently for ages en millenniums?


HaPPy NeW Year!!!

Klopt, volgend jaar nieuwe millenium.


Well I think DaSilva is right.
I’m a history teacher so I KNOW he is right!
But hey who cares anyway.


Glad CD Freaks is back online!

was soooo boring without…