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DVDplusRW.org has been aquired by the RankOne Media Group. The RankOne Media Group expands its portfolio of leading websites in the optical storage industry. Amongst sites published by the RankOne Media Group are CD Freaks.com and Euro-Copyrights.org.

By aquiring DVDPlusRW.org the company will make sure that the valuable information gathered by the previous owner of the website will continue to be available to internet users. The previous owner of the site would have taken the site off-line.

Currently the forum of DVDPlusRW.org is not available due technical issues. It is unsure if it will return. Till then users are invited to join the discussion at the Club CD Freaks Forums.


Whilst being grateful for the site’s continued internet availablility, the point needs to be made that the vast majority of recent valuable information has been contributed by the members themselves, and is contained in the threads of the original forum. Whilst the FAQ from the front page is an invaluable reference resource, it is essential to have the forum contents available, even as a static structure, for the site to be of any attraction at all.


It’s a bit sad that DVDPlusRW.org’s forum has gone.

I got the impression that Jorg spent a tidy sum a few months back getting his website and forum overhauled. That was a bit of a waste, then, wasn’t it?


According to the hosting company there is now a MySQL database with the forum posts and they’ll retrieve it from the old server and send it to us. Hopefully this way we will be able to retrieve important old threads so we can repost them here.


That would be interesting.

Who gets to decide which threads are “important”? More crucially, no forum contributors can assist in this process if we can’t access the database. Presumably this means that cdfreaks moderators will be selecting threads to “resurrect”.



DVD+RW recorder deals in the US - Gil T Pleasure’s thread
Editing ads on the HDRW720
DVD+RW recorders available in UK(-would be nice!)

Any other memorable ones?


That is indeed excellent news that all the old threads are potentially available, and many thanks for organising their retrieval.

However, do we really have to decide on the importance of individual threads just now? Would it not be possible to restore them all, and in say 6 months time narrow it down a bit if necessary, or consider alternative indexing?

It would be great if we could just carry on with ‘business as usual’ for the interim. Again, like Loob, I make the special point that the members themselves have been responsible for the forum direction for at least a couple of years. There has been almost no demonstrable involvement of the original owner in recent times, and we have accumulated a sense of ownership which is, admittedly, unusual in the virtual domain of third-party-owned forums. Nevertheless I’m sure that in a little while we would be open to a fresh look at things from the new managerial perspective…


Meanwhile, enjoy CDFreaks. :slight_smile:


Well, I guess this is the new meeting place.


Do you guys think it would be appreciated if I send a mailing to all current forum members of DVDPlusRW.org? We usually don’t send out mailings as the spam ‘police’ are fast complainers but if it would help a lot of users we could at least give them a heads up by email.


Yeah. Why not?

The forum list was given out to an organisation called OSTA and Alera (who sponsored the old site) …we occasionally received emails from both.

I 'm sure nearly all the old membership would not mind in the least.


Yes I agree - IIRC that was one of the original suggestions to help others locate this new location.

We are still not getting some of the members here, to who I would have thought it more than idle interest.

@DoMiN8ToR: Have you any thoughts on being able to retain the old forum database as a static unit for reference purposes? I appreciate what you said about licencing restrictions, but can these things not be flexibly interpreted? After all, the old runes are not really a separate ‘forum’ if no-one can contribute to it…


To all the previous DVDPlusRW.org members I would say: Welcome at CDFreaks. :slight_smile:

Enjoy your stay. :iagree:


Loobster what happened to the cool links to MF? Nevermind I found them :iagree:


I was a member of DVDPlusRW.org and am a member of CDFreaks, I can logon here with my CDFreaks ID but not my DVDPlusRW.org. Is this the way it works?



Yes you would need to use your CDFreaks ID.

I will have to have a look at ressurecting my signature with links to the website.



Checking for signature availability…ahh, there it is!


Thanks Loobster, starting to feel better all ready… :stuck_out_tongue:



A little broken.


Future of DVDplusRW.org

I finally got my answer. :sad:
Thanks, Jorg, for keeping up the site for as long as you did.
And special thanks to CDFreaks.com for hosting the remnants of DVDplusRW.