Welcome back to CD Freaks!

I just posted the article Welcome back to CD Freaks !.

Welcome back to CD Freaks ! As you see, we are back, and also changed our lay-out. Our webdesigner TheDuke has done a great job improving our old lay-out. We hope you all like it. It may contain some…

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Great to have you back online. Missed you all this time, the news (the people were on IRC, which still rules) that is. Hopefully the new server holds this time and besides some minor bugs and typos nothing bad happens. Next step would be the forum and than CD Freaks is back even better than before!! Keep up the good work! ps. IRCnet #cdfreaks

Yeaahaaa!! CD Freaks is back! And it rox! :9 The new layout is really cool. Grtz, RMX

GREAAAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaatttt CD Freaks is back :stuck_out_tongue: Missing you guys and the new look is very cool :7

Yeaaaaaaaaah TD rocks :wink:

Thank the gods the freaks are back.

YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEES CDFREAKS IS BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACK WOW I`ve missed you guys… please do never close your site again :7

Guess who’s back??? Dee-ehn is :4 What do I read here? Posting guidelines? I hope we still can talk about illegal stuff in the forum (that’s what cd freaks is for, isn’t it)…

Welcome back :slight_smile: Nice layout Duke, looks like Tweakers.net :wink:

:+ cdfreaks back !!! :8

Whats this, censorships on CD-Freaks ??? [ those stars are there for a reason ]

Hahahaha ManoWar… I immediately had to think about *********** and the forum 2 because there sensorship on everything over there what may be illegal… they always talk about bans and stuff… they really are patethic over there :slight_smile:

can’t we post urls anymore? let’s test www.microsoft.com www.cdfreaks.com www.microsofsuxandcdfreaks.rules.com let’s see :slight_smile:

YES YES YES YES YESSSSS !!! I x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x U

Welkome back. That was very long. Don’t do that again.:slight_smile:

Glad to see the site is back up and running. :slight_smile: The new lay out look s great. Glad to see my number one source of news is back up and running. :8

Great to see you are back, it was hard to live without you guys :d keep on the good work and never go away that long again.:g

welcome back:+

Great to see you back :4 Just think it’s a shame it looks too damn the same as ******** (you know) :wink:

great you guys are back