Welcome aiseesoft software



I want to introduce all our forum members to Aiseesoft and their Tech Support Team, headed by peleG.
They have some new and very exciting software for us. I want you to welcome them and please ask anything about their software and you will be happy you did.:wink: Welcome.


Thanks for that Alan and on behalf of the Myce Admin Team I’d also like to welcome peleG and Aiseesoft users to the brand new Aiseesoft forum. :flower:



So what is Aiseesoft ??


Are there any more info as to what software they are releasing or supporting???


Welcome Aiseesoft and peleG

I might need to look into that DVD Creator


[QUOTE=coolcolors;2689543]Are there any more info as to what software they are releasing or supporting???[/QUOTE]
Yes as soon as peleG gets back, he will be posting as there new software, and its good too. Stay tuned.:wink:


ok just was wondering what software this might be and what it will do.


I just bought the blu-ray ripper today and have not had any problems with it yet. I’ve ripped two blu-ray and one DVD movie into mp4 format. All three movies ripped perfectly, sound sync was also perfect.


Hello aiseesoft fans, can any one help, i have just bought dvd copy for mac and found to copy dvd to dvd works great, but if i save to a file and then try to burn, it does not work.


OS - Windows 7 32 bit - how does one merge a mp3 audio file with an mp4 video in Aiseesoft Video Platinum? any help would most appreciated.


I have just bought dvd to ipad converter. I have paid for it, and entered the registration code. But when I try to load a dvd I only get a few Seconds…I have tried many dvds. Do someone know what the problem is ?

Best regards