Weired PI/PO Scan With External 822A+

Hi everyone,

as mentioned earlier, my 822A+ gives weired PI/PO scan results when it is in its Oxford911 Firewire enclosure. My Pi failures show an average of -152370 (yes, that is < 0). The results were taken from an 8x burn of a 4x Verbatim DVD+R. I am a little bit concerned about the high jitter, but that one might be screwed up too, who knows…

And just for the record: WinXP Home, latest Nero/CDSpeed, Firewire PCI card, same result occurs when checked with my laptop or when using USB2. Reading speed tests look fine on all drives I have access to.

that looks strange

I think the jitter is ok as it is under 15.

the pof is incredible high the disc should be completely unreadable if these numbers are true. Actually I don’t think that they are true… I never saw such a weird scan before. Maybe you want to contact the author of cdspeed.

Try using it as internal with the same dvd+r to find out whether its a burner-problem…

Or try the dvdinfopro3 beta if you can get it from someone.

Here it is. :iagree:

oh wow! Thanks for the DVDInfoPro3 beta - I’ll try that tonight!

And regarding the quality of the disc: It is absolutely fine - reads at up to 6x with my old Pioneer DVD-ROM, so the numbers are definetly wrong (especially if they are < 0 ).

I am also pretty sure that the drive is fine - burns and reads like charm. Since there are people out there who can scan using Oxford911 enclosures I suspect it might be a BenQ firmware screwup, it was pretty hard to get the drive working together with the Oxford enclosure anyway…

What I would like to try is to flash a 822U (was that the external unit?) firmware on the 822A and see what happens. Then again, it seems that the summer is finally starting over here so why bother :wink:

Sorry, didn’t post a reply for quite some time now :slight_smile:

DVDinfoPro claims that it is starting now and the drive spins up and then… nothing. I waited for 15 min before killing the program. I guess the BenQ/Firewire-Box sends something back during an error scan which is interpreted wrong by CDSpeed and which kills DVDinfoPro. Really strange :slight_smile: Any other scanners out there I might try?