Weired DVDfab HD problem

Has anyone else encountered a problem where DVD Fab HD will no longer create an ISO for you or copy the Video, Audio TS folder to the target directory.

It completes the back up then no file ever copies over from the temp directory to the target direcory. It deletes it if you click the finish button.

I have to go to the temp folder copy the contents to another directory before I click finish or it will delete it’s self.

I have searched through my whole drive & the file doesn’t exsist after I click the finish botton.

Then I have too build the iso myself using shrink.

It was working prior to updating a weeks ago!!!

I have uninstalled it, reinstalled it. deleted all the left over registry keys. Tried the last 3 versions. I can’t get it to work again.

Not a huge deal but it would be nice to not have to do all the extra steps to make an ISO

It has been stated that the free version of DVDFab no longer supports .iso image file :frowning:

Well that answers one question… Thanks!!!

However what about the disapearing Audio, Video TS folders after clicking finish???

To be honest I am not able to answer that cause I have Platinum and am unable to run the HD Decrypter, and Gold and Platinum does not have this issue…howerver I have an idea what may be going on but that I will not say in the forum and will keep it to myself :frowning:

Have you tried adding the AUDIO_TS folder to the folder(movie title) that catains the VIDEO_TS folder then burning ?

That keep it to myself comment makes me want to format machine and re-install everything & turn off my router… :eek:

If you want to share your input your more than welcome to PM me
I would be happy to give you my personal email now that you got me thinking a 1000 things…

The ISO file generation feature loss is only temporary.