Weirdest post these days!?

What is the invention of some super corrective player which plays poor quality media has to do with piracy status in China? I dont understand why CDfreaks as a reputable website on CD technologies and products would persistently tolerate such posts on their front page.

The fact that there are undeniably some form of IP piracy carrying out in China at the moment is true, but what has it to do with such new product, poor disc or recording is not necessary equal to pirated material, unless you are newbie of some kind. I just cant stand for such disgusting posts, which makes me sick as I am from China.

Should there be some anti-China member here, please skip on any product made in China, see what choices you have remain. Just keep on buying cheap and good product from China or made in China and babble all day with your anti-China presuppositions is just kind of childish.