Weird WMP10 Problem - Garbled Audio

Hi Folks - newb here :slight_smile:

I recently threw in a DVD and when Windows Media Player v.10 started to play it the video looked great but the audio was totally garbled. With one DVD I could hear environmental sounds like a door shutting but the vocals were all garbled, with another DVD the whole thing was garbled.

I have the OEM NeroVision 6 that came with my Benq DVDRW drive and Nero’s DVD player program played both DVDs perfectly, it is just WMP that cannot play the DVD audio without it sounding like backward talking on a bad hair-metal CD. That said, WMP plays all my video files perfectly, all my MP3 files perfectly, only issue seems to be with DVD audio playback.

So far I’ve:
Uninstalled and reinstalled WMP10
Rolled back to WMP9, then uninstalled & reinstalled, then upgraded to WMP10

Following some troubleshooting advise I saw online I found the “DVD” tab under “Tools” in WMP10:

Hit the “Advanced” Button:

Then it “Properties”:

Something tells me that it is all grey might be an indicator of the problem…

Anyone have any advice?


Download WMP 11 beta, it was officially released a couple days ago. Here is the link . It pretty good.

I’d personally just ignore it. Without an external decoder a’la Nvidia’s PureVideo the decoder in WMP isn’t that great anyway. You’re likely better off with Nero ShowTime or something like PowerDVD which will give you proper hardware support (if the hardware is there, and I imagine it is) rather than offloading so much on to your processor and degrading quality.


Is WMP11 beta that much better than WMP10? Is it easy to roll back to WMP10 if I don’t like it?

And still hunting for a solution if anyone has any ideas :slight_smile:

Thanks folks!