Weird windows install



Just re-building a mates pc for him - as he’s a bit incapable…

it’s a dual 1gig pent3 with 512Mb ram and 2 40GB running RAID0. and an AMI100 onboard controller… on a rioworks SDVIA motherboard…

but I’m getting some weird errors…
I am putting w2k on it - but when I start the computer it recognises the disks in the “bios” (-if you can call it that…) they are configured correctly, and I press F6 to "add additional storage driver"it copies all the files from CD, but when windows gets to formating the disks - it says that the disks attached are damaged or not compatible with the NTFS filing system… I’ve never seen this before?

before I get flamed completely I have tried drivers, different copies of w2k, taking off all other hardware (ie sound network SCSI etc…)

the only thing I haven’t tried is upgrading the BIOS on the motherboard - but as I see this - I don’t think that could be related to this???



You most likley need some Third Party Dirvers! to get these go to your Motherboard makers WebSite and read the FAQ’s and Manuals!!!
Good Luck


cheers for the encouragment… I found out the drivers were corrupted - hence not loading the driver in the first place. and not being able to see any disks.

oh well. shit happens.!


no problems! If u need any more help do not hesitate to ask, use my e-mail address though!