Weird TYs cd-r

okay, i bought a pack of these and i took a look at them. The discs are completely plain, no brands. Funny thing is, when i identify the disc when its empty it is recognized as a Taiyo Yuden disc, but after i burn something on it, it is recognized as [unknown manufacture] pressed disc. Any explanation on this? thanks

This is normal

As mentioned above this is typical of unbranded TY. The media ID code is only present when the disc is blank (this is true of any write once media).

That is absolutely FALSE. The media ID code is ALWAYS there, it’s information that cannot be erased ! I have burned hundreds of DVDs, CDs, you name it and I could always read the MID both before burning and after burning.

I’d like to know what program is he using to get that information!

Try dvdinfopro
NERO CDSPEED and insert your disc in a cd/dvd writer and you will be able to see the media code at any time.

Do you use ‘Hide atip’ from Alcohol or CloneCD.

Uncheck ‘Hide Atip’ and you can read the atip again.