Weird stuff!

Here it is.

I burnt a cdrw with files I needed for my clients and called the cd Client files. Next I erase all those files on the cdrw and reburn the cd with a game.

Then I stick the cd in any of my pc’s and it plays the game.

Ok you say, thats not wierd, but here comes the strange bit.

Then I stick the cd in a 36 speed cdrom drive in a Celeron 466 and guess what files are on the cd…

yep…the Client files…no game…so the question is…how does this happen after you erase the cdrw and put new files on it and why doesnt the 466 see the new game file.

The best thing about this is I can view the client files on one pc and on another I get the game…lol

Actually a friend sent me this in a email, I didnt have an answer so I came to the cd studs!

Does the same thing happen with a full erase instead of a quick erase ?

It can happen.

Yes he said he did a full erase. why does the older puter see the files?