Weird stuff on the DVR-111D

Hi, I’ve bought a pioneer 111d and I can’t use it! It’s recognized in windows but it won’t read or burn any media inserted in it. It’s like if I hadn’t put anything in… I’ve tried to flash to the official 1.29 firmware then I tried the ones from Dangerous Brothers (1.06, 1.19, 1.23, 1.29) I even tried to crossflash it to make it a 111L but it keeps doing this. I’ve put the drive on the primary master (the jumper is on Master, not cable select) with nothing else on the cable and I’m using a 80 core cable. I don’t know what to do… Does someone knows about this issue… Oh I’m running Windows Xp Pro, Adaptec ASPI 4.60 and the drive is in UDMA mode 4. DVRFlash gives me all the info like if it was working perfectly. What should I do?


It’s like if I hadn’t put anything in…

Maybe you rely too much on the Windows AutoRun feature?
Did you try to open the disc in the Explorer or in a utility like Far or TotalCommander?

Maybe the laser diode is broken… try to put your windows original install disc and see if it boots from it…

Well I tried booting with windows CD without success… I’ve also noticed that the CD doesn’t move at all when I eject the cd, it is exactly at the same position when I put it in. i’ve tried with other cds and it’s the same so it’s probably a problem with the motor. Could it be an incompatibility with my motherboard chipset or something? I have a Asrock 939Dual-SATAII with a ULi chipset (Northbridge: ULi M1695, Southbridge: ULI M1567).

Also for you JIG66666, the drive is recognized in various tools, such as nero speed and DVD identifier but I cannot run the tests because those programs tell me that no media is present in the drive even if there is actually one in it

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Yes, you should replace the drive then.
But don’t forget to flash it back with the stock firmware!