Weird stuff... help?

I recently bought a Liteon 48246S drive (48x24x48) Retail box for my system, which runs Windows XP. Once i installed it physically, fired up windows, i didin’t need to install any drivers, just Nero(which came with the drive), and it worked like a charm. I decided to flash it to a 52x(52246S).

The original firmware is SS06(as seen in Nero), the label on the drive says the drive was made in October 2002, so this is right. I flashed it with 6S08(the latest 52246S firmware), everything seemed fine. Booted windows back up, again it installed the new drive, I went to device manager and saw the Liteon 52246S. I then fired up Nero(, shockingly, the drive disappeared, the Liteon no longer showed in the CHOOSE RECORDER… panel. I restarted to check a few times, same thing. I flashed it back to original firmware, it worked again(Nero showed the drive). I decided to investigate further. I flashed with the SS09 firmware, which is newer, but is still same speed as my drive. Nero still worked. I tried 6S08 again, once again, didin’t work. What’s wrong??

your using the bundled version of nero.
they modify the nero on the cdrom that comes with the drive to only work with the burner it comes with.
install the demo of nero and you should see the drive show up just fine.

actually the bundles nero only checks to make sure that it is being installed on a system with a lite-on drive it is not specific to model of burner just as long as its a lite-on. I have installed the same nero bundled software that came with my 32X lite-on on 40x, 48x lite-ons as well as on 12x ,16x and 24X pacific digital burners which are rebadged lite-ons.

Nero should work with the 52x drive, try updating.

I updated Nero to 5.5.10, and now it works like a charm with 6S08. Thanks.

Another problem though, I’ve tried the drive with NeroCDSpeed, and it gave a low value of 20x read. THe green curve stayed around 20x, while the yellow curve slowly went down. I have also tired Sisoft Utilities and that always gave a low drive index nearly equivalent to that of only a 32x.

I have used Nero Info tool and it said DMA was enabled. I checked with a program that came with my motherboard and it said the drive was running on Multiword DMA Mode 2. It said the drive supported ATA/33, but i could find no way to change it to that.

I’m using WinXP Pro, AMD Athlon 1.2Ghz, 512ram, 2x120gb WD HD.

It took me around 3 minutes to burn a 600mb VCD btw, i’m not complaining, cause that is reasonable, but I am sure the drive can do better. Especially for the Read part.

Try removing the IDE controller in device manager and reboot. Also check your BIOS to make sure settings are right there, I would set them to “auto”.
Of course, burn and test speed are dependant on the media you’re using.

This is the thing. My Motherboard has 2 IDE Slots for ATA/66 and ATA/33 and older stuff. It’s also got 2 slots for ATA100/RAID setup controlled by a built-in Highpoint controller. I have tried plugging the cdrw into both. When i plug into the ATA/66 one, I get 20x read for a cdr that i tested/burned at 52x. When i plug into the ATA/100 one, I get 17x, which to me seems really odd. (!)

Bios settings are set to auto. Both of my Hds are connected as master/slave setup on the ATA100 Slot(non-RAID even though both are the same drives).

I’ll try the removing IDE controller thing now…

Ok I just tried it. I removed then restarted. WinXP automatically found 'em again and installed 'em automatically. But still the drive is on “Multiword DMA Mode 2”, I need to find a way to set this to ATA/33 instead.