Weird stuff happened on my 3540A

I purchased NEC 3540A to replace my aging pioneer 105 and have been happy until now, after I burned about 4 discs…

As I put burned disc in the drive, it made mild cracking sound. I didn’t think my “brand new” drive would make that kind of sound and proceed opening few files in the disc… then I noticed that orange led was blinking and drive was indeed making noises. :doh:

I immediately pressed eject button… and found this black sponge ring came out along with the disc :frowning:

Since I removed the ring, drive seems to read fine again… I haven’t tried to burn anything since.

Should I RMA it or keep it? :rolleyes:

if you feel ok,there is no problem
but you should RMA
so unlucky i am sorry :frowning:

That Black Sponge Ring Wouldn’t Probably Be From The Top Of Your Blank DVD Spindle?

Would It???

Not Sure What It’s Called (Spacer Or Something)

I don’t think so as I would’ve noticed it when I took first dvd from the spindle… just can’t think noise got apparent after 4th burn if it really WAS what happened… :frowning:

yet it seems to fit my spindle… although bit tight; :confused: