Weird spikes on RicohJPNR01 + GSC2?

Ok, here’s a 4.38GB movie, burned with Nero.
Lotsa weird spikes toward the end of the burn. Any idea what might be causing this? Disc plays back fine on my Pioneer 366SA set-top player. Bitset to DVD-ROM by default, all patches applied via OmniPatcher. System in sig.

You mean like this?

My problem eventually went away on its own for the next burn. Very strange. Never knew what went wrong…

Try rebooting? Try the disc at 4x? Try the disc using the original R01 strategy (if you’re using R02… R02 seems to be problematic)? Try GS0K? Try nothing and maybe it’ll go away on its own? shrugs

Yep, like that. I’m using the original R01 strat, so no idea.Shrugs again :wink:. I’ll try the next burn @ 4X and see. The error rate is nice and low, so no worries on that count. Thanks for GSC2 :slight_smile:

Okay, this is weird. Check out the CDSPeed Scan :
WTF? Weird result. :rolleyes: :confused:

Same here. Mine was a coaster. In think that a spiking pattern like that is underreporting errors (whereas most other spiking patterns seem to be overreporting…). Any luck with GS0K?

Nahh, not tried GS0K yet. This is the DVD I burned above with the 1.34avg PI. I’ll try GS0K with the next burn. Any modifications I should carry out on it with the OmniPatcher?