Weird speed-prob (nec 2500A)

i just bought a NEC 2500A dvd-writer, together with MAM DVD-R 4x disks

it’s set as master, and i use Nero 6 burning software

when i try to burn a (shrinked) DVD, i can only burn at 2x speed?! i can’t change the option :confused:
(screenshot: )

when i don’t insert a disk, i CAN change the speed settings…
(screenshot: )

DMA is enabled…



It could be because the NEC firmware has 2x as the maximum write speed for that media.

You’ll need to report the media code of the disc for more information.

If it is limited to 2x in the firmware, then you can download and install herrie’s beta firmware ( which allows burning of most media at 8x.

doesn’t that void my warranty?

and since 8x disks aren’t being sold yet (in belgium), i don’t need to write at 8x yet
so i’d like to keep my warranty for a few months… just in case

Hi Vincent,

yes, flashing your drive with non-official firmware voids your warranty.

8-speed (both plus and minus) media is widely available in Belgium … just have a look at:


Personally, I’m using the 8xPlatinum +R on both my NEC and LiteOn without problems.



but none of above posts explains why i can only write at 2x speed :confused:

is it because of the writer? or are it the disks?

it are supposed to be 4x’s…

i know but i mean they are still too expensive imo:)

hmm, the compatibility page of MAM-E says that 2500A is compatible with the 4x disks, if firmware 1.07 is installed

prolly that’s the problem… i don’t have any firmware installed

Yes, these disc’s burn only at 2x.
And these DVD-R from MAM-E are worse than Princo’s!
Do not buy them!

i installed firmware from herrie
i can now burn @ 8x speed (+ double layer) :slight_smile:

problem solved