Weird Sound Program

I recently burned a copy of Star Wars Episode II, successfully, looks great, but UNFORTUNATELY the sound is really screwed up. It starts playing the regular movie like normal, but it is playing it with George Lucas’s commentary instead of the normal sound. I don’t recall selecting anything that should have altered the sound… what could have gone wrong? Do I have the original sound on some other menu or something?

I just burned the movie only and I can’t figure out why the sound would be different, and is there anyway to change using a menu button of some sort? Thanks in advance.

How many sound tracks did you select? If only one it looks like you selected the one with comentary. If more than one try selecting different audio on your standalone DVD player remote.

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Perhaps viewing the below posting will shed some light on how to determine what audio streams are what.

Basically use PowerDVD or similar DVD playing/viewing software and view the DVD and sample the audio streams to find out exactly what they are.

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I don’t know anything about sound tracks, I just know that there was three different Titles with the DVD that all were 2:22:20.

I only selected one, under the impression that the first one would be the normal one. Is that where I went wrong? I just started to copy the DVD to my computer again but then I noticed that the preview showed all of the scrolling text at the beginning of the Star Wars movie in a different language.

Would PowerDVD allow me to find out exactly the titles that I need to keep, bjkg? I will be able to preview it and find out, for instance, that Title 1 plays the audio commentary, Title 2 plays the normal movie, and Title 3 plays the movie in a different language? That is what I am assuming, and if PowerDVD could do that it would be a very useful tool!

Also, once I have the DVD completely burned, let’s say I picked all three titles, and it started up the first time with the title in a different language, or with subtitles on. Would I be able to change the DVD using the menu to make sure that it always loads up with the title that I want and the subtitles off, which would be what I want? Because it would be tedious to have to change that everytime.

Thanks, you guys have helped me out a ton already, hopefully this will solve a lot of my questions!

Hi, Mookie40. I had the same problem before,try this.Put movie in dvd player, and on your remote control for the dvd player press the audio button on your remote.This should bring the correct sound back. Worked for me. Hope this helps you.Let us know. :iagree:

No, that won’t work because I only have the audio commentay on my DVD, I didn’t burn it with the right one. What I was wondering was if PowerDVD would let me preview the titles so I would know which one was which so I would take out the guesswork.

I guess my biggest question is, what controls what sound is played? Is it the title angle stuff on the left of the screen or is it the 2 channel 6 channel box on the right? That’s really the only trouble I am having.

The selection of the audio track determines the sound track (movie, comentary, stereo, 5.1, DTS, etc). The different angle tracks allow movie to have differnt video scenes/views. Sometimes full and wide screen versions are included.

Yeah but what I can’t figure out from looking at my program is what is the audio track? All I see is audio channels, which is 2 or 6, and audio streams, which says English 3/2 and then English 3/6. What controls what?

The second sceen (Title Configuration) shows the available titles and also shows sound tracks (languages) and subtitles available on each. the third (Audio and Subtitle Setting) allows selection/deslection of the Audio/Subtitle tracks for each title selected. Note the 3/2 audio is usually the comentary. The 3/6 track should be the one you want for normal viewing of the movie.