Weird sony dru-800a problem

i`m using this drive sony dru-800a w/ sony’s firmware ky06

i have tried the sony’s media and black dvd-r which is from TYG02 supports speeds 8x-6x-4x and has 1 layer

recently i have started having this problem that after i burn my dvds it wont verify properly , there are errors and if i try to play it hangs

so only few files on the disc are written properly which are reading rest arent

i tried to lower the speed from 8x to 6x and then 4x (but same problem)

this is happening with both data burns and iso burns

i downloaded sony’s diagnostic tool and wasted a dvd on it and it wrote the dvd + read it just fine with no error of drive or disc being bad

please help me … this is outta my reach

ps : same happened when i tried to burn with sony’s dvd-r

What burn program are you using?

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Ive been having kinda the same problem… but burnt movies play… but them break up badly and freeze…later on in movie… im using ritek 8x -r media… with dru-800a w/ sony’s firmware ky06
cant figure what th problem is…

The problem is the low quality G05 media.

Use better media like TY and Verbatim and these problems will disappear.


also try with other branded media.

More info on

Thanx Man… Im gonna get some this weekend… The TY is Taiyo Yuden right… Ive seen good reviews on these… which is best TYG02 or TYG01 …?

Ive also upgraded to KC4b firmware … one good burn … rest coasters… Im really thinking its the media…

BenQ 1640 clone, just for the info.