Weird results. Who is right!?!? check this out

ok i usually burn these Princo discs for movies. They work great. they are made by princo and are rated for 4x. i burn at 2x to get best results. take a look at a Normal result:

ok. so that was a good burn and works fine. now recently i burn the same discs at the same speed after i’ve burnt over 60 of the same stuff. all scans PI/POsum of 8. i burn at 2x. now i scan and…unrecovered read error at about 50%

So i burnt another movie at 2x with a princo. and the same thing happens. this here is a thransfer rate test of the previous disc

ok. Now for the REALLY wierd part. i try them in my ps2 which is way weaker than my dvdplayer. It playes fine. i scan through it. go to the halfway point where its screwed. it works fine! how can it work fine with “unrecoverable read errors” ??? so i scan the discs with my pioneer 106 in kprobe. take a look at this:

are these discs fine? who is right my Ps2+pioneer106 or my liteon DVDrom?? I cant understand. and if u think my Liteon DVDROM is dying take a look at this which will firther confuse u. i burnt that movie that wouldnt work on a TDK 2x DVD-R. made by maxell burnt @ 2x: i can’t believe this…scaned with my liteondvdrom:

No unrecoverable errors there. whats going on?

A bit all over the place, isn’t it?

Have you tried a burn at 4x? AFAIK, read errors arr caused by the reader not being able to read that particular part of the disc, it’s not necessarily an error on th disc. As you’ve found out, the PS2 reads it fine but your Pioneer won’t.

Something wrong with your Pionner maybe?

The DVD-ROM drive can only read at max speed (16x) whereas the Pioneer (and the PS2) can read a lower speed. That’s why most people don’t use DVD-ROM drives to scan with.

ok let me tell u properly coz i dont think either of u fully understood lol.

  1. my dvdrom reports unreadable errors

  2. my pioneer doesnt

  3. niether does my ps2

  4. my dvdrom can only read dvd-r starting at 4x and gets to 8x at the end.

  5. my pioneer starts about 2.6x and gets to about 6.6x.

  6. It makes no sense.

  7. i tried burning at 4x. this is a result at 4x

This is a 1x result should i stick with 1x perhaps? coz neither drives report errors at this speed.

Well, judging by thoose, I’d try using other discs. Maybe a bad batch of Princo’s?

Its funny though. that 4x burn doesnt work properly in my dvdrom and my ps2. the PO of it is ok but the PI is all over the place. so if it cant read something like that, how exactly can the ps2 read a movie that supposedly has unreadlbe errors after the halfway point? unless there r no errors.

This is really wierd. coz ive burnt about 15 of the 25 pack already at 2x and they all reported excellent results. then all of a sudden, oh all the burns u try at 2x have unreadable errors after halfway. im gonna get to the bottom of this! there must be some kind of explanation.

im gonna test one from my other 25 pack to see wtf is going on. if that has unreadable errors also im gonna go with my pioneer and PS2 and say the DVDrom is just crazyor something.

Look man, calm down.
I don’t know how many times it has to be said, but
you can only use kprobe accurately with a LiteON BURNER
not a dvd-rom, not a cd-rom
but a BURNER
which you don’t have

with a dvd-rom you’ll get completely weird and messed up results which don’t mean anything, as you’ve demonstrated multiple times

hey hey hey, u need to calm down. there might be something wrong with my dvdrom. i know. but it doesnt mean that a liteon burner is superior to it. people just use the burner coz its the standardaround here.

should i go and blow 250 bucks to error test!? get real. give me some sugeestions that i can use. don’t shout at me and tell me to get a liteon burner.

Seriously, if these discs are working fine, why you even bother and scan anyway. Knowing that the result is high but discs are working does not do you any good.

I for one bought a LiteOn burner just to kprobe discs. I don’t scan all discs though. I only do when i backup important data or switch to a new brand or sth.

cd pirate,

i’ve had some weird and wonderful things happen when scanning with my liteon ltd 163 dvd rom drive.

honestly out of all experience, liteon dvdrom drives do not cut it for scanning dvd-r media.

i’ve purposely have gone out and bought a 451s drive just for scanning believe it or not. (I am not fortunate either, so don’t say anything those lines) :slight_smile:

the ltd163 drive scanned a disc with results of 900 max pi and 800 po where the same disc scanned in my ldw451s scanned 18 max pi and 9 max po. these results speak for themselves. I continue getting tracking error failures on the ltd163 drive as well. where the 451s drive does it without a hickup with a nice scan. (keeping in mind that these are taiyoyuden 2x dvd-r.)

i myself own a 106d drive which i use purely for writing and the 451s for scanning. i have not really attempted writing in the 451s yet, but will do shortly and hopefully get the 851s firmware placed into it.

hope this helps with your problem.



Originally posted by cd pirate
should i go and blow 250 bucks to error test!? get real. give me some sugeestions that i can use. don’t shout at me and tell me to get a liteon burner.

I’m not saying you should go buy a LiteOn burner, I’m just saying a Liteon DVD-ROM drive is equally as good at reporting accurate PI/PO information as a fried piece of bacon stapled to a coke bottle.
If you don’t want to spend the money on a LiteON burner, then you can’t do scans. I’m not saying “go buy a LiteON burner if you want to do kprobe scans” I’m saying “if you don’t buy one you can’t do kprobe scans”. Depending how much these scans mean to you, you may choose to buy one… I only have a Pioneer drive, I can’t do scans either. Join the club :>

Kprobe’s PI/PO test should only be used with lite-on dvd burners (as Trigger correctly stated). the accuracy of the error reporting when used with a lite-on dvd-rom drive is questionable.

Just to throw a little off topic comment in here, if you live in the US I’ve heard you can find the LiteOn 401S burner for $45 at Wal-Mart this week (if your Wal-mart carries it). :smiley: