Weird results... help


Can some one explain to me why I am getting two different results when I run a test in Nero CD Speed. I initially burned a data on to a CD with Pioneer DVR-107D and then ran a test. Here is what I got:

Then I ran the same disc in my Sony DVD-ROM and I get completely different results:

Which one should I trust?

Thank you,

Different drives give different results. I alway do my tests with the same drive it was burned with.

above poster is right some drive also are not that accurate when producing the test result, some even can not do any scanning.

Can you guys tell me if the one of the drives that I have will be able to provide accurate results for quality scanning (C1 and C2). I have the following drives:

  • Pioneer DVD-RW DVR-107D
  • Sony DVD-ROM DDU1612

Also I noticed that even if I take a CD that was already created by the factory such as OEM Game CD or any Application and I run a scan, I get a really bad failures. I don’t know if it’s normal for for OEM. Any advice is appreciated.