Weird result when burning multisession

Hello guys,

I’ve been getting a weird problem when burning multisession CDs (CDR). I’ve managed to do all the necessary steps such as getting no of tracks, importing previous tracks, adding files, and even the actual burning.

However, when I check what is written on the CD, I found something strange. All those files which were burned in previous sessions are there, but their timestamps have all shifted backwards by exactly 64 hours! For example, if the file’s date was 15/01/2006 18:30, it’s now stamped as 13/01/2006 02:30! (The newly burned files have correct timestamps). What’s more, every time I do another round of burning, each existing file will get its timestamp moved backward by 64 hours (meaning that, the file now dated 13/01 would be set to somewhere around 10/01 after a third burn on the CD).

I’ve looked everywhere but I can’t find any answers, so I’m hoping you guys can help me out here. Thanks! :confused:

There was an bug inside NeroAPI regarding this issue but should be already fixed. Which Nero/NeroAPI version are you using?

According to the NeroAPI.dll file, it’s version
FYI, I am using NeroCOM in visual basic 6.0, and my copy of the nerocom.dll is at version

So, no help here?

I am trying to do exactly what you mentioned above (burning multisession CD, adding files to already written CD.). When I finish burning the CD, if look at the Diskinfo it does show multisessions. But when I access the CD contents through windows explorer, I can see only the last burned files.

I am also using VB6 with NeroCom. Can you tell me how you are handling onDoneImport2 event? It is giving me error accessing pFolder argument. Assigning this value to global or local Nerofolder object giving me error.

Do I need to call ImportIsoTrack function for all the previos sessions or just once for the last session?
Your reply is appriciated


Disregard the previous question. I have fixed the problem.


What was your fix mchiruma?