Weird question

I have did a search on this but couldnt find any answers.

I have a creative cdr and have backup alot of games including newer games like Jedi Outcast and burned the image back to be sure it works with no problem. For some reason Black and White wants to be a pain. I made burned the ccd image, so it seemed, with no problems. No log errors or nothing but once it finished burning there would be no data on the disk but you can tell something was writing on the disk when looking at it. This puzzles me. Any suggestion welcome. Thanks

BTW this was with clonecd.

can you check the image with deamon tools if there is something wrong with the image?

The Image checks out ok, thats is the strange part about it. I used different version of clonecd. It burn with no problem but no data was recorded. You can tell something was wrorte on the cdr disk. Weird

i had a problem with black and white too. since it just dropped to 20 $, i got it. back it up, full speed read and write. the copy works, but the seek times are horrible. in conclusion, i had a story to share, and i had no idea what was wrong with your image. sometimes i have to open nero to get windows to recognize i put a disc in the drive. duno :slight_smile: