Weird Question: Who makes the BEST CD Case?

I’m not sure if this is the right place to post this, but which brand makes the best CD cases, that WON’T scratch your CDs/DVDs? I’m looking for the folder type, with sleeves for four CDs on each page. What should I be looking for?
Thank you!

case logic is what i typically use.

Have you ever had problems with those sleeves scratching it? (even slightly?)

The cases that EA use (dont know who makes them) are very bad. Then end up making cracking the iner-ring of the disks.


VH, not jewel cases but wallets.

if you always zip them up and make sure no debris gets into the case, you shouldn’t have a problem with creating scratches when you slide the discs in and out. if you want to be absolutely sure, i’d choose another storage method that doesn’t involved sliding a disc at all (i.e. jewel cases).

as far as any problems, i haven’t really observed any (and frankly don’t give too much of a hoot). im terrible at properly “caring” for my discs, they just don’t mean that much to me and out of the thousands (like 3000) of discs i have (both pressed and burned) i haven’t had much trouble reading back any of them.

It’s usually not the cases, wallets, etc. that scratches the discs. IMO, it’s me who usually scratches them through who they’re being handled.


Saw some of these binder type vinyl pages that take like four DVD discs over at and their Customer Service is just SO good that if you write to them they will give you a streight answer without any b$-