Weird PX-712a Problem

Hi, I just installed my PX-712a, about 30 minutes ago and the application CD will not work at all! For some reason the cd just keeps trying to load and gets nowhere. I have tried putting in audio CDs, DVDs, autoplay CDs and they all work fine. Could it be that it’s having a problem loading autoplay DVDs, or could it be a buggy application disc?

I also updated my firmware to 1.05, that didn’t change anything. I’m running Windows XP on 1.4 Athlon, 256mb RAM.

Thanks for any help at all.

Is the disc detected at all? Right mouse-click on your drive when the disc is detected and select Open. This way you get around the autoplay feature of XP. Now run the setup program. Does this work?

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Thanks, I’ve tried doing that but my computer just goes into “not responding.”

I downloaded Nero and I have successfully burned .ISOs without any coasters. Although the buffer keeps going really high to really low, I’m not sure if that’s normal.

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… for the Plextor it’s not usual … I’m not sure, but maybe cause of your low memory
. . 256mb it’s absolutely minimum for good working XP … another idea, is your DMA-mode enabled ??
. . check your IDE-controller(s)

It indeed sounds like a DMA related problem to me as well. Check out the Device Manager (Control Panel -> System -> Hardware tab -> Device Manager) and look at the properties of the IDE channel your Plextor is attached to. If it says PIO mode 4 then there is a problem. Remove the IDE channel and reboot. This will make XP re-recognize your drive and hopefully enable DMA. Look at the properties of the channel again. Your Plextor must use UDMA mode 2. If not, then you will experience problems as you described. Good luck and report back.

I think it is connected to the same IDE as my Harddrive. If I removed the IDE channel would this cause problems? Also, how do I remove it?

I have tested the Applications DVD on a friend’s DVD drive and the same thing happens. I guess I got a faulty disk.

If you buy it from a store, just return it back and explain the faulty disk. Otherwise call or email plextor support to get a replacement disk. If you don’t want the hassle, try to search this forum to get installable plextools, IMO Plextools Pro is the only thing important in the disk and it’s only 8.3MB.