Weird Protection on a little league training cd

I’ve tried ClonyXXL, Aray, Copy Protect 2005, Burnout all report NO Protection on the CD. I finally tried Protection ID and got a weird output ->

Scanning -> S:\Start_PC.exe
File Type : Exe, Size : 1815622 (01BB446h) Bytes
-> File has 1652806 (0193846h) bytes of appended data starting at offset 027C00h
[!] Possible CD/DVD-Check String -> CD in the drive

  • Scan Took : 0.906 Seconds

Its the first time I’ve seen this, I attempted to make a few copies of the disc with Alcohol 120% (It throws a handful of read errors) and just guessing at the protection routines, making images of this disc made files of 90mb to 103mb, yet any of the burns loaded into a system give a “You need the original disc to run this file” boxed error message.

Its a macromedia created Training cd called “Where’s the play” and it runs on both windows (98 and up) and mac’s (sys 8 and up).

Any help would be appreciated.




I think this looks more like an error rather than protection. Have you tried copying the files across to your PC and then dumping them onto another disk?

No. I will give it a try. I’ve managed to make a iso and burn it, but when I try to run the app on the the new disc, it gives me a “the original cd must be inserted to run this program”

Okay…this is a copyright problem. You’ll need to crack the encryption on the disk and, for the price of the software to do it, it would probably be cheaper to just go and buy the original disk over again.
If you really want to persevere with doing the back-up, try this program:
Clone Cd…which you can buy and download online here:

Consider using Blindwrite too. It’s supposed to be pretty good when it comes to getting exact copies of cds.

Im running on vista, and have tried both (blindwrite and clonecd), I’ll have to try with a xp machine because the copies created with vista, still give the you need original cd inserted to use this program.

FYI: I actually bought 10 copies of the cd ($450.00 bucks), and have been letting the players borrow them, since that time, 4 have been returned scratched and not working. The seller was real nice in helping me, with the scratched cd he’s willing to give my 5 bucks off a replacement (NOTHING exchanged). with that attitude, I want to back up the disk and let the kids borrow a copy.

I updated my blindrite to (vista compatabile) and used read with profile set to Bad Sectors, saved the image. Then burned the image back onto a Plextor px-740A (16x dl dvd) again with Profile Bad Sectors, and it made a cd with 2 recover sequences (bad sectors basically) and it works. Now I can keep my originals and let the kids that show the best weekly practice borrow a copy as a reward. I dont let them keep it, but now they cant destroy the originals… Thanks for your help.

Scan the installation folder on your hard drive with Protection ID.

Nothing installs, 100% runs from autorun started app on cd.