Weird problems with sony dru 830a dvd drive!



Hi all… I recently bought sony dru 830a after having reading problems with sony rw dw q28a. But now I m experiencing weird problems with it. It may sound funny though !!! The reading of certain dvds isn’t consistent i.e. if the disc is read properly once, the next time probably when I restart my pc the same disc is read as “Blank cd”. :Z I have upgraded my firmware as well as my windows xp. But this problem occurs with few dvds which are proper and read by my friend’s sony dru 820 drive. The disc is properly finalized. I m unable to figure out where problem exactly is… Can anyone help me out please??


The reading of what certain dvd’s is a problem? Are they copies or home burned dvd’s. If so, what is the brand of the ones you are having problems with. Is the problem only with certain brands, and consistent with those brands of dvd’s. All dvd players don’t read all dvd’s the same. Different manuf. use differerent firmware.


The brand is sony. If it is reading in my friend’s sony dru 820 which is older version than that of mine it should read in mine… As I said earlier the disc read properly sometimes. It is data disc consisting of few avi files…