Weird Problems with PX-W1610A

okay, i’ll start off by saying that this burner was going perfectly. Now I’ve had to change my motherboard and case, I formatted my computer and now its acting really weird…
First of all I install the latest version of Nero, I try to burn a WAV file and it wants to burn at 40x… a little too fast for a 16x burner … so it gives me an error: “Invalid field in the command”. I try updating my firmware, from 1.00 to 1.05 but the only difference is that now Nero sees my burner at 16x. I try re-installing nero, nothing. I try the exact version i used to use in the past, nothing. I then installed CDR-Win, now i’m able to burn, but only at 1x, if i go any faster, it will burn, but the audio on the Cd will be completely distorted. If any of view have any further suggestions, please help. Thank you very very much.


PS. oh by the way, when i click on Medium Info in Nero it will display 854mb for an 80min blank CD… and i’ve been using the same media forever… who knows…:confused:

Please post the specs of your motherboard, seems like a bad IDE drivers case to me… Install the latest drivers for your motherboard (BIOS update, IDE drivers, etc) and report back.