Weird problems with PLEXTOR DVDR PX-712A Firmware Version 1.05 burning cd's

I burned avi files on 4 Fuji Film 48x CD-R 700 MB with Nero with the burnig options: CD-rom (ISO), Format: Mode 2/XA, Finalize CD, 32X, Disk at once (I think 3 of the 4 CDs had this options). After that I tested them with Nero CD-DVD speed 3.12, 3.3 and got a normal result on the first CD, for the other 3 CD I got this result. What is wrong. Could it be that the plextor DVDR PX-712A can’t handel DAO whit these CD-Rs or have I got a bad plextor from the series of DVDR PX-712A .

Technical info:
General Information

amd durom 650 Mhz and Abit Kt7a motherboard
Operating System Windows 98 SE
Firmware Version 1.05
Serial Number 267304
Disc Data CD
Capacity 79:46.64

Plextools profesional 2.16, Nero

Your graph suggests to me that the number of errors towards the and of the disc is very high … so in order to correct all of them, the drive has to slow down and read the disc at slow speed …

Run a C1C2 scan to see that kind of writing quality you’ve got …

DAO should not be a problem … could be that the drive doesn’t like these particular discs … PX712A is very picky with media and I guess CD media is not an exception … I’ve compared once a Verbatim ultra speed CD-RW written with my Plextor with the same disc Written by My Liteon 52x32x52 CDRW and the Lite-on written disc was better, in spite of being written at 32x instead of 24x … so, for CD writing I still prefer to use my CD writer … this is not to say that on some other media Plextor won’t beat Liteon … is just that I trust more my Liteon CDRW - with which I’ve never had a coaster whatever media I’ve thrown at it - than my Plextor DVDRW for writing CD’s … but to be honest I haven’t done extensive comparisons between the two … That could be interesting though, and I might do it when I have a bit more spare time …

PS. I’ve noticed that you’re using an older version of NERO, update to the latest, is better … however that won’t affect your results at all of course.
To get better results, you might have to write your discs at even lower speed than 32x on your Plextor …

Thanx CVS
Changed the media to Verbatin 48x burned at 32x good results no downfall at the end. The strange thing is that I burned 4 Fuji Film 48x CD-R 700 MB and the first I burned hat the same result as the verbatin. Maybe there are different Fuji Film 48x CD-R 700 MB in the same spindel. Now thats wierd. I think Fuiji Film should check there quality of there media. Anyway using verbatin from now on.