Weird Problems erasing/writing to memorex 4x dvd+rw media

hopefully this is the right section to post this in… (my burner is a lite-on 1673S with JS0D firmware)

ok here is my problem and it seems odd… i just noticed this a hour or so before i posted this and before this it worked perfectly fine the last i checked… ok well, i got some dvd+rw media and i cant seem to erase them… everytime i try to in nero express v6.6.1.4 i get a message of … “this disc in not a re-writable disc and therefore cannot be erased” message… which is bs cause the disc is a memorex 4x dvd+rw disc… but anyways the weird thing is i goto disc info in nero express and it says under DVD Session … “DVD-ROM” when it’s really a dvd+rw disc so basically i cant erase/write to the disc… but heres the weird part that i cant seem to figure out… if i close nero etc etc and then start up the “booktype135.exe” program (with the disc that nero could not erase already in the drive) even that claims the disc is a DVD-ROM … it even says DVD-ROM where it says… “Current Disc Type” … so that right there it’s like the drive is seeing it as a dvd-rom disc instead of a dvd+rw disc… but heres the weird part… if i start up the booktype135.exe program BEFORE inserting the dvd+rw disc"s" (this happends on more than one dvd+rw disc both are memorex 4x rated) then i insert the disc into the drive and load the disc… it then see’s it as a dvd+rw disc (for both disc type and booktype) , then i can format the disc in nero express and even burn data to it again… but as soon as i close that booktype135.exe program and eject the dvd+rw disc and reinsert it i get that damn dvd-rom stuff again and nero wont erase the disc.

is there anything i can do? … or is this some sorta rare error.

thanks alot for your time.

p.s. i can burn regular dvd+r discs fine with a booktype of dvd-rom and all is fine … it’s just with the dvd+rw disc(s) above is when i get the problems explained above… and only way to make it work is to load up that damn booktype135.exe program first before loading the disc into the drive tray.

Normally you have to fully reformat such a disc to make it usable again, but some few firmwares ignores that.

Try with DVDInfopro and Imgburn!

ImgBurn should hopefully work.

If that fails, do you have Alcohol or Daemon Tools installed? A setting in these programs can often cause burning software to see a writable disc as a DVD-ROM.

I had a similar problem a few days ago. Nero wouldn’t erase it because it was non-writeable, or something like that. I ejected and re-loaded the disc, and then it worked.

P.S. I have some Memorex mini DVD+RW. MID=CMD MAG W02. I get good burns initially. I haven’t yet figured out if the burn quality goes down so much because of time, or maybe because I do subsequent burns with different burners.

well i did a full format on a disc and it still does same problems.

also i do have alcohol 120 installed… but it just seemed like this happened out of no where… and i do have daemon tools installed to.

also i would not think the discs are bad cause it’s like they worked perfect and had not many burns on the discs and they worked perfect and now recently something acted up (i dont know what) and now i get these problems.

any ideas?

p.s. ill have to look into dvdinfopro and imgburn.

UPDATE: … come to think of it… i did install the newest version of daemon tools fairly recently v4.08HE … i was using something like 4.03 i think before… u dont think this would be a issue right?

For troubleshooting purposes, I’d temporarily uninstall both. Then you can add them again one at a time, testing your RW disc inbetween, to see if one of them is the culprit.

It’s possible :wink:

thanks for the info Arachne (and everyone else)… i uninstalled both Alcohol 120 and Daemon Tools and rebooted my machine and then the discs are recognized correctly now :wink: … so in other words all my problems seem to be fixed.

p.s. now i just gotta figure out what was causing the problem… either alcohol 120 or daemon tools… once i figure that out ill repost in here.

UPDATE:… it must have been Alcohol 120 that was the problem… cause after i UN-installed everything, then everything worked… i then re-installed JUST alcohol 120 percent first then rebooted pc and checked the disc type etc in nero and it was doing the dvd-rom again with the errors erasing discs etc… so i uninstalled alcohol 120 and rebooted everything worked again and then i reinstalled daemon tools 4.08HE and everything still works good with that even after a reboot… so i know it’s related to alcohol 120 now… ill have to see if they have a newer version of it and see how that works.

Great, glad to see you nailed the culprit :clap:

Edit: There’s actually a setting in Alcohol which could be causing the problem - so you might try reinstalling Alcohol, and looking for a setting called “Hide ATIP” or “Ignore Media Type” or something similar, and unchecking it.

That might enable you to keep all the software on your system playing happily together :wink:

i see remarks like this a lot when people are having problems, that there’s an option to “hide CDR media” or something like that in Alcohol and Daemon Tools.
can anyone tell me where such a setting is in Daemon Tools ? can’f find anything like that! (running DT 4.00HE)

I know there’s definitely one in Alcohol - not too sure where the option is in DT, or even what it’s called.

Maybe hunt around the settings a bit for something similar :wink:

To be fair, I’ve seen this problem caused by Alcohol settings more often than with DT :wink:

thanks Arachne, i [I]have[/I] searched the settings to no avail, that’s why i asked on the forum.

nice antlers BTW, an elf-cat ?

oh, and i only just noticed you have an LG drive. don’t recall seeing you much in the LG forum.
how do you like your E10N ?

Sorry I can’t help you with DT, I’d load it myself but I’m wary of having to sort out any problems.

LOL yeah, imkidd57 made the antlers for me!

I go into the LG forum occasionally - usually only when there’s something I can help with, which isn’t often :wink:

The E10N is doing great so far - great burns, though the enclosure is limiting it to 8x (which is no problem since recently I started burning at 8x anyway!). Yep, pretty pleased with it :iagree:

sure no problem, wouldn’t ask you to, thought you might know.
as it were, i’ve had absolutely no problems with DT.
true, i only have it runnig when i need it. when i’m done with using the image, i unmount all drives, disble and exit DT.

Good thinking, that’s the way I’d use it too if I had need for that sort of software :wink:

Yeah, the problems I usually see are due to Alcohol settings. Haven’t come across those kinds of problems with DT…yet :wink: