Weird Problem

I have been using SVCD2DVD to join muliple SVCD disc films together, and it works well.

It creates the VOB files and I burn with NERO - everything seems fine.

On some films, when I play in my Ronin DVD Player, it plays the 1st few seconds then flicks back to the start again - over and over. The only way to be able to watch the film is to FF into the film then RW to near the start - then it plays perfect.

Tried 2 different sorts of media cheap plus discs and infinity minus. I have a LiteOn 451S Burner.

Tried playing them on my Dads Dansai - same thing happened.

Friend with a Cyberhome player just got same problem

Friends Dansai 1010 played it fine once, then wouldnt play it at all just kept saying disc error

Play perfect on PC DVD-ROM and VOB files play perfect from HD with POWERDVD.

If burnt on DVD -R plays fine in my playstation 2

This has not happened with all films ive done - just a couple.

WTF is going on - tried it on some nice RITEK today, same result - driving me mad.

Also why wont my 451S burn at single speed?


It sounds like SVCD2DVD is having some problems creating compliant VOB files if the same looping occurs in multiple standalones.
Try using another app such as the bundled Sonic MyDVD (shudder) or TMPGenc DVD author to see if it can create some more compliant discs.

Most new burners/firmwares will not allow writing at 1X speed because write strategies have been improved for 1X medias and generic 2X strategies will work pretty well on all 1X media.