Weird problem



I use a Liite-On burner and a Panasonic E-30 to play back the dvds and to record from the tv. My problem is this: I just received 100 Taiyo Yuden 8x disks
from Meritline. I opened the pack and put one in the Panasonic. It read the disk, but came up U11, “no use disk”. I checked the disk with DVD Identifier and it verified it as a Taiyo Yuden G02. I then burnt a movie on it using Nero 6. When it finished the burn I put it in the Panasonic and it played perfectly. So what’s going on here? I had planned on using the disks primarily for tv recordings, but at this point I’m stumped. Should I return them or look for another recorder?
Any help would be greatlly appreciated.
thanks, foghat


Does your standalone support 8x -R media?


Apparently it does. I have no problems with TDK disks 8x or 16x. They are both recognized by the Panasonic and I can record to them as well.