Weird problem



Hello,I’ll explain this as briefly as possibly.My drive specs are:WD HDD 200Gb secondary slave,Maxtor 200Gb S-Ata(divided to 3 partitions),Nec 3520a Primary master,Toshiba SD M1912. The problem is with reading discs after burning. While the discs(I have used TY,TDK,Ridisc) are burnt w/o any problems(I use it for backing-up Divx movies,4 to 7 in each dvd-r),when it
comes to reading there is some kind of minor(?) problem:If there are,say,5 movies,on trying copy-paste one by one,3 or 4 of them will be normally copied to the hdd.However,the other 1 or 2, will show something like ‘a million days remaining’(somewhere between 50-150 minutes,maybe longer) and at he same time the drives(both nec&toshiba,also at the very same file) can be
heard having a hard time(like reading scratched discs).After some seconds,of course(10-30), they will,in most cases, overcome this problem and the remaining time will drop to normal levels(5 min or less).However,this can not gurantee a thing about the condition of my backup in 6 or 12 months.Just in case you ask:ASPI installed,DMA enabled on all drives,have tried
all the available burning speeds(funny,in this case,even if I burn the same files,it could be another file that can have this problem than the previous burn using different speed and/or different media)using latest Nero on WinXP,Gigabyte mobo based on Nforce.I also unistalled Alcohol/Virtual drives,but saw no light.The weirdest is that on other Pc’s that I have
tested,it’s a 90%( I will make one final thorough test at a friend’s PC anytime soon-eventually,even if there is,could it be better or worse? ) that there is no problem with the discs I have burnt on my own PC.Also,I thought that it could be a writing problem due to some bad(?-I thought so;it was proved that there wasn’t such thing) firmware upgrading on my previous rw(nec 2500),but just today I got 3520a and the same shit.Moreover,before getting the toshiba rom,I had an LG,again the same.I had also formatted the hdd,installed only drivers&nero,once again the same. Nero Drive Speed & an application called CdCheck report no error at all,(though the reading speed is admittedly a bit slow,but this is more of a drive issue).Despair…



Do you run on MS IDE driver or NVIDIA IDE Driver ? If NVIDIA, try to remove these…