Weird problem with sony dru-800A

i`m using this drive sony dru-800a w/ sony’s firmware ky06

i have tried the sony’s media and black dvd-r which is from TYG02 supports speeds 8x-6x-4x and has 1 layer

recently i have started having this problem that after i burn my dvds it wont verify properly , there are errors and if i try to play it hangs

so only few files on the disc are written properly which are reading rest arent

i tried to lower the speed from 8x to 6x and then 4x (but same problem)

this is happening with both data burns and iso burns

i downloaded sony’s diagnostic tool and wasted a dvd on it and it wrote the dvd + read it just fine with no error of drive or disc being bad

please help me … this is outta my reach :frowning:

Maybe you are using cheap fake media.

i just want to know if its the media not anything wrong w/ the burner or software ?

this happened both in nero7 and 6

Hey what programs are best for burning .img images… besides dvd decypter