Weird problem with SATA+UDF

Hello, long time lurker here.

I have an LH-20A1S under win2k on an M2N32-WS Pro m/b. I’ve written a UDF disk with nero (one of the files >2GB). This is the first time I’ve had to write a UDF disk. The disk wrote fine at 8x, but the LH-20A1S initially refused to read it back - windows complained “incorrect function”.

The disk is readable in four other DVD drives (two ATAPI lite-ons, a laptop teac and a laptop matsushita), and I can check the >2GB file md5sum to know the file is written correctly. Having suspected a problem with the LH-20A1S, I connected one of the ATAPI lite-ons, an LDW-851S to check the system, and found that if I load the UDF disk in the LDW-851S first I can then read it with the LH-20A1S as well, until I reboot.

I’ve also played with the roxio udfreader (v1.0.3) having read some old posts here. With that installed I can read the UDF disk in the LH-20A1S, but the md5 checksum of the >2GB file now doesnt match the stored value. It’s possible this is a 32-bit problem in the the udfreader. So far I’ve not tried the v7 update.

What I suspect is that windows is not attaching the UDFS functions until the ATAPI drive is accessed. I’ve not got any system ASPI installed, just nero’s, so perhaps there’s no SATA -> UDFS link present.

I have no other ATAPI devices in the system (it’s all SCSI). I really dont want to move away from win2k (xp: urgh), and I’d prefer to avoid the 3rd-party roxio fix since when win2k’s UDFS is active it works fine.

Any suggestions?


installed ASPI 4.60, no effect.

Have you tried different SATA controller drivers?

Not something I’d considered, actually. I’ll look into it. Being nvidia maybe there’ll be an update, although the reason I’d not considered it is because I think the problem’s in the next layer up (then again, this is windows).


Also, many motherboards have an option to use PATA emulation for SATA … might make win2K use a standard PATA IDE driver, rather than anything special :wink:

Hi i have a similar problem…

I just bought a new LH-20A1S but i’m having problems with it, it doesn’t read any CD nor DVD, i updgraded the firmware to the latest version published on liteon’s page but it still doesn’t work; I wonder if there could be some incompatibility with my motherboard i guess the SATA ports are version I. What else do you think the problem could be? windows Drivers.

At this moment i’ve tried with almost 5 different firmwares…

Are your SATA ports part of the chipset, or an add-on chip to the motherboards guts?

Some early “add-on” sata controllers were only suitable for HDD’s.

The SATA ports are part of the chipset, i think i have a defective DVD unit because i can upgrade the firmware using the SATA ports so there seems to be communication between the drive and the MB, when i insert the disc it tries to read it but windows says there’s no disc int the drive… :frowning:

Uninstall roxio -> Use the roxio install disc to start a fire.

Format the PC & reinstall windows. No roxio.

No seriously, see if you can uninstall the roxio packet writing software using change/remove in the software control panel. If you can’t, uninstall roxio & reboot.

And download imgburn. It’s more reliable than Roxio.

I have already formatted my pc and the problem continues.
I don’t think the problem is the burning software because i use both nero and roxio with another LG DVD without problems, this is my first Lite-on unit and i’m getting dissapointed with the brand :(.

As i said i cant’ even see the content’s of cd’s or dvd’s.

Does the drive work in a different PC?

Is the other drive SATA? or standard IDE?

Nope, the drive doesn’t work on other pc.

i finally got a replacement, same brand, and model and it’s working fine. Don’t know what was the problem with the old one.

End of history :smiley:

update: installed nForce 9.16 drivers - no difference.

Does the drive work in a different PC?
If not RMA the drive.