"Weird" problem with new 3550A

Hi, gang!

I just bought an NEC 3550a from New Egg to replace my aging NEC ND-1100A. I was able to install it with no problems (DMA is set, all my burning software recognizes the drive).

Problem is, when I burn a DVD, I can only watch it in the burner itself, it won’t work on any set-top players I have (this was never a problem with my old burner). I’ve used Verbatim, Sony, and Fuji discs, and my results are the same every time: I can view the disc on my Dell PC, but my set-tops give me “disc error” readings-even my old Toshiba 2200 workhorse, which can usually play anything I throw at it.

Any ideas on what I can do? I searched this forum, but didn’t find any problems similar to mine.

Welcome to the forum
If the media you are burning is +R. You may need the BookType to be set as DVD-ROM for your set top players to play them. For this you need a firmware that supports bitsetting.

Thanks for the quick reply (which I would have seen sooner if I didn’t end up playing Oblivion all afternoon yesterday).

Question Omitted :o

I plan to continue to search this excellent site for my answer, but I could use a push in the right direction.

Never mind, I found my answer in your FAQ. Thank you for your help.

Ditto/nice burner BTW

Okay, after reading the NEC FAQ, it turns out I STILL have a question: why doesn’t the supplied NEC firmware support DVD-ROM capability for +R single layer?

buy DVD-R discs - problem solved.

Yeah, I’ve got some of those that I use in my DVR, but I’ve got scads of good quality +R blanks I’d like to use. But it’s a good idea…