Weird problem with LTR-48125S

Ok here’s the problem:

I was writing a couple of Datatrack (Plasmon) cdr’s at 48x, everything was going fine until something went wrong. All of a sudden the drive apparently stopped writing, the disc was still spinning, then it would spin down and spin up again for like 15 minutes. My PC locked up completely. I then restarted my comp, threw away my faulty cdr (which couldn’t be read anymore), and went ahead writing another cdr at 48x. But now not any cd can be written, it starts with writing the lead in and then it spins up and spins down, spins up spins down…etc. (at any speed, even 2x) I tried simulation and then it gives an error: “write error at 00:04.36 (code 030C00)”. I tried Lite-on support but I couldn’t find anything and since contacting Lite-on is virtually impossible I thought I’d ask you guys. Does anybody know this error and does anybody know a solution? Or does it just mean my drive is broke (after two weeks).


Try a different high quality media before giving up.

If you are using Nero, you can post a failed burn attempt from the NeroHistory.Log file in the Nero folder. This helps to identify a problem.

Can you even read disks?

Try using an ATAPI cd-rom driver and see if you can read the disks in DOS. (There is also a DOS CDRWIN version but God knows how that works).

Also, try moving the drive to a different computer, and see if the burning still fails.

If it fails, something is broken, unfortunately.

Thanks for your help guys, but after a couple of days the writer mysteriously started working again. So it’s no prob anymore.