Weird Problem with Cosmos Super Link Enclosure



Hi guys,

Recently when I try to stick this enclosure

to my laptop, the usual window driver set loads up and everything seems to work fine. It sees it as an NEC 3520 but label it as a CD Drive. When I go to my computer and check it, it listed as a DVD RW though. However, the weird part is when I put in a blank DVD, it then turns into a CD DRIVE again and neither nero nor any other burning program can detect my burner after I put in the blank dvd. I lost the driver to this as it’s been awhile since usually I use my desktop for it, but this time I wanted to test it out on my laptop instead but for some reason it keeps on failing. Greatly appreciated if you guys can provide any feedback :bow: :doh: :confused:


Use a proper burning program and it doesn’t matter what the crappy exploDer shows about the drive.