Weird problem with burners



Hello all,
My computer’s DVD burner drives have a weird problem. When i put in a disc, it doesn’t recognize the disc is actually there. If you go into the drive, the files are all there, it’s just the computer has no idea that the disc is in the drive (until you turn it off). This has caused every installation over 1 DVD/CD in size to fail because of it not recognizing the next disc required for the installation:(. I have scoured helpsites across the internet to no avail. Please help!


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Do you have any disc emulation software like Alcohol or Daemon tools installed. If so untick option “hide” (CD/DVD) media.

Or maybe your problem is just simple as “autorun” function in windoze not enabled.
BTW, what kind of “installation” discs do you have problem with.


Any game or app that involves more than 1 DVD/CD. Quick question, how do i access autorun functions?


@ bloodzhot,

Perhaps the Microsoft AutoPlay Repair Wizard will be of assistance to you ->


PS – Both Google Search ( and/or WikiPedia ( are helpful in obtaining information to your questions.


Thank you very much. It was a bad driver in the drives. Thanks again!:):):slight_smile: