Weird problem with 1655-never seen this!



I have two Benq 1655 drives lets call one “E” and the other “F”.

Have been using Prodisc 8x DVD+R with good success on both drives for quite a while. Now on my “E” drive it will not burn them anymore (physically looks like something has been burned but nothing shows up when accessing it & will not play in DVD player).

I thought I got a bad batch of media but my other drive “F” will burn these same Prodiscs fine!

Ok so my burner “E” is bad right? But here is the weird part I put in a Verbatim 16x DVD+R on the same drive (E) and they come out fine!

I have not changed anything in QSUITE for either drive (they are both set at default). Is it possible that the drive is going bad enough to not be able to burn so-so media only?? but burns quality media fine?


Sorry forgot to mention firmware; BCIB on both and it ihas been on there for a while.


UPDATE: I just burned another Prodisc (btw it is PRODISC R-03) on the “E” drive and it cam out fine , the only difference: I burned it at 4x instead of 8x


May a firmware issue arisen.


They both have the same FW (BCIB). Can a FW go corrupt?

I have checked the QSUITE on drive E and solid burn now lists the Prodisc R-03 (must have put it in there after my 4x burn because it was not in there prior). I have it activated for unknown discs but it is not activated for supported discs (that is the default) should I change it?

I just find it odd that two supposed to be identical drives treat the media different, guess there are some variances.


Sounds strange… There could be many different things at fault here. How many bad Prodisc did you burn? If it’s only a few it could still be remotely possible (but unlikely) that your spindle has some ‘bad apples’ and you’re just unlucky enough to feed those bad ones to your ‘bad’ drive… Get a different spindle of the same media, clear learned media from QSuite, do a test burn with Nero CD/DVD Speed, and post the graph here.

Also, make sure you follow the basic burning principles: Don’t multitask, make sure that memory/CPU-hungry appz (like antivirus) are not loaded when burning, use a relatively fast and defragmented drive for the files you’re burning, and ensure and that the drive runs in UDMA2 mode. Try using a different IDE cable too, just in case.

If the problem remains, try reflashing in safe mode with an older firmware (BCDB or BCHB), clear learned media from QSuite, and try again.

What’s the IDE setup of your drives? Are they chained together on the same IDE channel, or on seperate IDE channels? Are they chained with other devices? If they’re together (or chained with another device) and the previous solutions didn’t correct the problem, remove the other device and plug in the ‘bad’ drive on its own as master (remember to change the pin at the back of the drive to the master position if different, and if your mobo chipset is an older Via model make sure you don’t connect your burner on the secondary IDE channel). Then clear the learned media and do a test burn with Nero CD/DVD Speed. If it still doesn’t work, try installing the drive on another computer (again on its own as master) and test-burn again. Maybe posting a detailed Nero burn log would shed some light on the issue and more experienced users than myself could comment on it and offer advice.

That’s all I can think of. If nothing works then you may have a gremlin inside your drive! If it’s still under guarantee send it back, if not just stop using that media with it and swich to media that the drive can handle (like Verbatim). Good luck!


I have never used Nero speed, so hopefully I did this right.

I did a “create disc” it did that at 8x and then I did a “disc quality” and left everything at default and hopefully I have attached the results correctly.

This is definitely an issue with that particular media and that particular drive. Both of my drives are master on their own IDE channel and I switched cables just to be sure it was not something cable or board etc. related.

Why this one drive has issues with this media and the other does not I have no idea.


This is a disc quality read at 8x


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I agree about reflashing. Why your problem has arisen god only knows. However it’s likely the the drive has “learned a new strat” or lost sometning of the original. If this is truly the case hopefully reflashing will resolve things. Clear learned Memory first. Then flash.
Good luck.
P.S.Although not essential flashing in safe mode might be worhtwhile too.


Ok, here is a 3.9 MB DVD I made but this time I burned at 4x. It plays fine, I did a disc quality scan at 8x


If I re-flash am I able to go back to an older firmware? Like BCDB? Where would I find the older firmware now?


If I re-flash am I able to go back to an older firmware? Like BCDB? Where would I find the older firmware now?
You can flash to older firmware - the link to the firmware is here.


Well that did it. Flashed back to BCDB and I can now burn that media at 8x and it reads fine. Prior to that I re-flashed BCIB again and it did not make a difference.

So in conclusion; I had BCIB on both drives & have been using the Prodisc DVDs with no issues all of a sudden one of the drives had an issue with the new spindle I opened (sampling from three different 50 piece spindles) and the only resolve was to go back to BCDB firmware.

Only thing I can think of was that these Prodiscs are different from the previous ones I used (although they were all the R03s) and only one of the drives that had BCIB complained about them. Or something wacky went on in the one drive that a re-flash to BCIB would not solve but an older re-flash to BCDB did solve. Go figure!