Weird problem; thoughts?

Hi, everyone, i’m just posting in the hopes that maybe someone here can help me out with my problem. anyway i’ll start from the beginning; I recently downloaded a trial version of the latest CloneCD program and proceeded to start burning my games, and it seemed to work perfectly. To test it i tried uninstalling then reinstalling using the new Copied Cd, and it worked. BUT when i tried to actually PLay the Game using the Copied Cd it told me that the cd was not in the drive (eg. please reinsert the cd, restart). So i tried restarting and trying the Copied Cd, but i still couldn’t “play” the game. Then i managed to solve this problem by playing with ORIginal Copy; then exiting and trying to play once again with the copied CD ANd this time for Some reason it DID work. I have encountered this with all the games i have burnt and what i’m hoping someone will tell me is; what the hell is up with that? and does have anything to do with me having the TRial version? any thoughts would be lovely.
Thanks a lot.

Nowadays it’s not easy getting a working backup just using one program. I would do some research in the forum getting a little overview and the steps in my signature should be some help for you getting started.

I followed your/that guide to copying games, and the level of protection is safedisk 3. I’ll try searching for similar problems now, .
Thank-you kalas.

You’re welcome, in my opinion the easiest way without knowing your hardware and in combination with CloneCD would be this guide. If you do some research you’ll probably find more methods.

Copy-on-the fly doesn’t work. I;m going to try and burn with CopyCD/Twinpeak method (no emulation required) anyway thank-you i won’t post anymore “updates or anything”

TwinPeak method is used for SecuROM 4.8+ protected games not for SafeDisc :wink: