Weird Problem.. SVCDs to DVD



ok i have this weird problem, friend gave me two SVCDs and they play fine in my standalone DVD player. so i went ahead and tried making them into one dvd and make up a menu for it and all that fun expirementing you know.

well i use VCDGear to extract the mpegs and then i used DVD Labs to make the menu and author the dvd made the image, it plays fine on my computer but on my dvd player it acts as if it is pal (because video is 25fps).

but what i want to know is, why do the SVCDs work fine but not the dvd? i dont intend to convert to 29 fps for the NTSC spec because if the SVCDs work fine then there has to be a better way. i loaded the svcd’s up on my computer using both powerdvd and windvd checked the specs on the video in there and it says 25fps too. so it HAS to be 25fps and it works on the dvd player :-/

please help meee :stuck_out_tongue:


Ask the people that made your player.
This sometimes works, and sometimes not.


Dont ever assume that SVCD’s on CD’s that play fine will play off a DVDR. Most DVD players will play them both ways, not all will however. Only way to get them to play is a proper re-encode to DVD compliant mpeg2 streams. Or buy a new DVD Player :smiley:


see the thing is, the SVCD is also a PAL format (25fps) … plays fine, but as soon as i use vcdgear to get the mpeg from it. so i can put that on a DVD it still is 25fps but says it cant play due to region restrictions. either way i’ve found ways by it, thank you though

(i’ve tested it on i believe 10 different dvd players now, 8 out of the 10 work fine since i’ve done what i did. the other 2 are gangstah old :slight_smile: )